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A Brief Overview of Ethics in Public Relations

In many cases, PR practitioners’ reputations are on the line. One stigma, in addition to the whole “spin doctor” line of old, is that all PR pros perpetuate fake news. Admittedly, there are public relations practitioners who do that, but as a whole, the industry relies on its ethical codes in two-way communications. So, as a public relations practitioner or your organization’s main communicator (with or without much communications experience), how can you ensure that you’re communicating ethically? First and foremost, how do you even define ethics? 

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What Are The Page Principles?

Arthur W. Page was a vice president and director of AT&T from 1927 to 1947. Known as “The Father of Corporate Public Relations,” Page revolutionized public relations practices and turned AT&T’s then-negative press around. The founders of the Arthur W. Page Society created these seven principles so the association's members -- and communicators in general -- could have tenets in which to practice public relations with honor and ethics. 

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