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Using SMART Objectives To Measure Your PR Efforts

This month, Hourglass Media is highlighting public relations strategies and tactics. Think of strategies as the bread (big, broad picture) and tactics as the butter (small, detailed picture). Every PR plan addresses a problem and then goes through several strategic motions to reach the Evaluation end of the process. Vital components of every PR plan include publics, goals and objectives. 

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SMART Objective Setting in the New Year

It’s the start of a New Year, and you’re probably hyper-focused on your goals and objectives for 2019. In today’s world, Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Expectations (ROE) drive PR professionals and the C-Suite to want to learn more in the Evaluation phase. That’s where SMART objectives come in.In the world of public relations and other industries goals are comprised of SMART objectives, which include: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound.

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