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Basic Photography Skills To Help You Tell A Story

Storytelling through photography has always been in my blood. Photography means, “writing with light,” and everyone knows I love the written word. Why not add a visual component? When I was a child, I would use my mom’s 35mm film point-and-shoot camera and my dad’s instant Polaroid camera to take photos of family members, still-life shots of my toys and, of course, clouds. The skills I learned in that first photography class in high school remain with me 15 years later. Here are some photography basics I learned.

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10 Tips To Help You Tell Brand Stories

There's nothing better than reading, watching or playing a game with a good story. With your business, nonprofit organization, event or wherever you find yourself, you have to have a good story or your efforts will fall through the cracks. Whether you’ve just started your brand or are looking toward a refresh, here are 10 branding tips you can put to immediate use.

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A #behindthehourglass Rebranding Journey

There comes a time in every business’ lifetime when it’s time to make a change. It could be a major change, like hiring someone new in the C-Suite or changing physical locations. It could also mean something small, like replacing the broken paper towel dispenser in the bathroom or making sure every Friday is “Wear Your Graphic Tees To Work Day.” Other times call for changes in your business’ narrative. See which recent branding changes we’ve made to our company.

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