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Using Press Releases To Complement Your Communications

One of the most easily recognized public relations tactics is the press release. Even if someone isn’t in a communications field, enough TV shows and other forms of mass media use press releases as plot points and other devices. Here are components you’ll need for a standard press release.

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Using SMART Objectives To Measure Your PR Efforts

This month, Hourglass Media is highlighting public relations strategies and tactics. Think of strategies as the bread (big, broad picture) and tactics as the butter (small, detailed picture). Every PR plan addresses a problem and then goes through several strategic motions to reach the Evaluation end of the process. Vital components of every PR plan include publics, goals and objectives. 

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Lessons Learned During My Decade of Practicing Public Relations

I love my career and know without a shadow of a doubt that I am fulfilling my professional destiny. I tell stories for a living and chronicle them for the next generation and beyond. It’s not always warm and fuzzy, but on the bad days, I still know I’m meant to do this. Despite the blood, sweat and tears, I’m still standing — and still adoring what I do. I have been in a nostalgic frame of mind as the 10th anniversary of my practice of public relations approaches. I graduated in May 2010 with my Bachelor of Arts in public relations, but I began practicing PR a year before that as an undergraduate student. Here are some lessons I’ve learned during the first decade of my career.

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