Helping you create and manage your own communications story.


Our CEO, Kaylin R. Staten (née Adkins) grew up with storytelling. 

And now, Kaylin and the Hourglass Media (formally Omnimedia) team want to share those storytelling strategies and skills with you. There's nothing better than reading, watching or playing a game with a good story. With your business, nonprofit organization, event or wherever you find yourself, you have to have a good story or your efforts will fall through the cracks. 

Created in February 2015 and based in Huntington, W.Va, Hourglass Media's mission is to cultivate the timely and refined communications story you never knew you always wanted. We do this through writing, public relations, photography and more. We know you're busy. That's why we help in-person and online clients capture target audiences and achieve results in an ever-changing modern world.

West Virginia will always be home, but our clients' messages have been heard on all 7 continents. Details matter to us. With more than 500 press releases in our repertoire, we can effectively tell your story. We've garnered 50 million+ traditional media/social media impressions for clients since 2015. 

Hourglass Media and our CEO have earned more than 15 specific public relations and writing awards, including two international Bronze Telly Awards in 2016 for The Call WV. 

As a company, we are passionate about helping others and are dedicated to local nonprofit organizations and the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)-River Cities Chapter.




About Our CEO

Kaylin R. Staten (née Adkins) is an award-winning storytelling professional focused on public relations, writing, photography and more. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Marshall University in 2010 and has more 15 years of professional communications experience.

She achieved her life-long dream of owning a business in 2015. Thus, Hourglass Media was born, after several brainstorming sessions and business-plan drafts. Her love of hourglasses, specifically The Wicked Witch of West's red-sand hourglass, carried over into her business' name and branding. 

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What does a #behindthehourglass communicator look like?

You could be any or all of the following: 

  • You’re an avid and perfectionistic collector of stories, memories, experiences and chances to learn. 
  • Your online magazine consists of public relations, writing, photography, community issues/events, home, travel, your joys in life — and, of course, hourglasses. 
  • You’re a multitasker, often working on a client’s social media strategy, writing a book, planning a crockpot dinner, trying to get your winged eyeliner perfect and trying to find the next Netflix show to watch — all at the same time. 
  • You’re the real life version of Princess Leia, with all of her sassy not-taking-crap-from-anyone attitude and overall protectiveness, leadership and kindness all wrapped in a 5’4” frame with cat-eye glasses and highlighted hair. 
  • You love a little black dress, glitter eyeshadow and Wicked Witch of the West pointed flats. Or maybe even a graphic T-shirt at the office. 
  • You could read anything anywhere at any time. 
  • You’re the older tier of the millennial generation, comfortable with technology — except maybe Snapchat.
  • You let your coffee get cold when you’re in the writing zone, telling your niece stories or doing something that brings out the passion in your eyes.
  • You have 5-10 years in with your profession, with thousands of hours of expertise in your chosen field under your belt. 
  • You’re looking to manage your 9-to-5 job and side hustle. While also having a personal life and perhaps a relationship or marriage. 
  • You’re creative, often brainstorming unique campaign concepts and a new wreath for your front door in one day. 
  • You’re nostalgic to a fault, daydreaming of rose-colored-glasses days, listening to vintage records in your office, snapping instant photos with an old Polaroid and watching “I Dream of Jeannie” while working. You keep loved ones’ legacies alive long after they’ve passed.