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Takeaways From My Silver Anvil Awards Judging Experience

I had the distinct honor and privilege to judge international companies’ Public Relations Society of America Silver Anvil Awards entries in New York City. I was one of 144 judges who traveled from all over the nation to judge the 626 entries. (I did not have to judge that many!) I assessed the Research, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation (RPIE) elements for each. Without compromising any detail of any entry, here are trends I saw in the entries I judged.

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Event Recap: Ethical Decision-Making in Times of Crisis

On September 21, the Public Relations Society of America-River Cities Chapter hosted “Ethical Decision-Making in Times of Crisis” from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Marshall University with local professionals and students in attendance. Attendees listened to a panel of professionals discuss their own ethical experiences in the workplace and how having a crisis communications plan in place is instrumental during the pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis phases. Participants also underwent a mock crisis communications scenario in the workshop session.

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