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Mental Health Moments: Accepting Yourself - Flaws and All

As I enter my 31st year, I am committed to self-love more than ever. I spent too many years backing myself into a corner or shutting my emotions off to even myself. Here’s to another year of adventures with authenticity and showing the world the true Kaylin. No matter where you are on your self-love journey, I wanted to share with you some tactics I use to express self love. These may or may not work for you, but if they resonate with only one person, that will make my heart happy! 

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Mental Health Moments: An Open Letter To The Little Girl Version Of Me

A couple of weeks ago, I listened to the 15th episode of the “You’re Welcome With Hilary Rushford” podcast. While I usually listen to this podcast to give me that extra pep in my CEO step, she discussed one of the core areas of my being: perfectionism. The anxious me has a name, and it’s Kaylin. It’s no one but the little girl version of me. And all she needs is a little self-love. So, here is my open letter to the anxious little girl who didn’t know how amazing she was and would grow up to be.

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Mental Health Matters: Ways to Love Yourself

One of my primary goals in 2019 is to love myself. In today’s highlight reels on social media and my tendency to put on a brave face, I sometimes forget to really give myself actual love. I love for miles and miles when it comes to other people, causes, projects — essentially, anything that is not me.

I think this derives from my brand of anxiety. The second guessing, the negative inner dialogue, the perfectionism that wades through my life like a flash flood. All of this prevents me from seeing myself in the truest light. As individuals, all of us are worthy of self-love. Here are some ways you can love yourself more.

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