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10 Skills Every PR Pro Should Have (Or Develop)

Throughout these past 10 years, I’ve compiled list after list pertaining to what public relations pros (or anyone communicating a message) should possess. Some traits are natural, while others have to be learned in the classroom or on your own until you practice enough to meet mastery levels. Here are 10 skills every PR pro should develop and begin to practice every day.

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How Editorial Calendars Benefit Your Communications Plan

During the Planning Stage, you will want to consider everything that could occur in the Implementation Stage. You’ll prepare your messaging and overall communications plan, and one of the tactics to heavily consider is creating an editorial calendar. Editorial calendars help you keep content organized during a specific timeframe. We have four considerations when planning out your editorial calendar.

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Mental Health Moments: Step One: How to KonMari When You’re A Sentimental Packrat

Marie Kondo is taking Netflix and the world by storm. I must admit, I am also not immune to her “Tidying Up” charms and the innate desire to only keep items that spark joy in my home and office. I work from home, so this is especially important. Too much clutter translates into subconscious (and conscious) anxiety, so here are some of my KonMari adventures from #behindthehourglass.

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