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10 Skills Every PR Pro Should Have (Or Develop)

Throughout these past 10 years, I’ve compiled list after list pertaining to what public relations pros (or anyone communicating a message) should possess. Some traits are natural, while others have to be learned in the classroom or on your own until you practice enough to meet mastery levels. Here are 10 skills every PR pro should develop and begin to practice every day.

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Mental Health Moments: Managing Social Anxiety As A Communicator

Having social anxiety means that you fear social situations. This manifests itself in multiple ways for different people. You may feel awkward at a party in which you don’t really know anyone, afraid to start a conversation because you may feel “stupid” or out of place. Networking events could be like torture chambers to you because you have to speak to strangers, eat in public or start an actual decent conversation while you feel like you’re going to hyperventilate yourself right out of that room. Here are three practical tips to help you through even your most socially awkward and anxious moments.

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How I Use Inspiration From Traveling In My Everyday Life

I can find inspiration anywhere. As a natural daydreamer and a person who is sensitive to everything, I can sit outside and find myriad muses and flashes of awakenings. Being sensitive is often seen as a less-than-wonderful attribute, but I use it to my advantage when it comes to inspiration and other success ways to cultivate sensitivity. Traveling adds value to my life in so many ways. Here are five ways traveling can boost your inspiration and make you a more well-rounded version of yourself.

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