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Public Relations Ethics and the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica Scandal

No matter your political opinion, you should be concerned about the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica breach. What is the main takeaway from this debacle? For communications pros, it’s simple: Be ethical in everything you do. 

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#LoveNotes from Our Small Business to Yours From #behindthehourglass

During the month of February, Hourglass Omnimedia posted #lovenotes about the business. See the gallery of images and read this blog to see some of our main loves. Despite the ebbs and flows of the business, there are three main reasons why I love having my own business. Special appearance by our baby muse!

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Welcome to the *new* #behindthehourglass blog!

Public relations is a way of life for us. That is why we are going #behindthehourglass to delve into local to international strategies and tactics, as well as the latest industry standards. Stay tuned. We will begin our blog in 2017!

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