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Using Press Releases To Complement Your Communications

One of the most easily recognized public relations tactics is the press release. Even if someone isn’t in a communications field, enough TV shows and other forms of mass media use press releases as plot points and other devices. Here are components you’ll need for a standard press release.

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Establish Your Own Dental Home with the Easy-to-Implement Brush, Book, Bed Routine

Starting your child’s dental health routine from an early age can help him or her develop the necessary skills and habits that will carry over into adulthood and also combat the child’s (and parents’) fear of the dentist. February is National Children’s Dental Health Awareness Month, and the Cabell County Family Resource Network and its partners continue to communicate the importance of children’s dental health.

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Top 3 Tips for Professional Press Kits

Press kits can be an effective way to tell your organization’s media relations story without having to devote too much time during a press conference or other event to getting into company’s backgrounds and other information. If you’re a public relations professional — or anyone in a communications field — print and electronic press kits are your best friends.

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