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Three ROI Strategies To Consider in the Evaluation Stage

Media placements and impressions are viable measurements of success, but are they the be-all-end-all of your campaign? Public relations and business are greatly tied to each other. In many cases, you’re reporting to investors, a Board of Directors, employees and other key stakeholders about your daily-to-annual company happenings. They will ask you questions in official and more nonchalant meetings, and you have to be able to tell them about the success or failures of the campaign’s efforts. The more information you have to share, the better. You want to show your campaign’s value, as well as what public relations brings to your organization. Here are some KPIs you can measure to showcase your campaign’s Evaluation.

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Using SMART Objectives To Measure Your PR Efforts

This month, Hourglass Media is highlighting public relations strategies and tactics. Think of strategies as the bread (big, broad picture) and tactics as the butter (small, detailed picture). Every PR plan addresses a problem and then goes through several strategic motions to reach the Evaluation end of the process. Vital components of every PR plan include publics, goals and objectives. 

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How To Be A Better Public Relations Leader Within Your Organization

Leadership is a primary management function of public relations. Whether you are a Chief Communications Officer of a Forbes 100 company or are an independent practitioner, leadership skills greatly come into play. This August, Hourglass Omnimedia is giving practical leadership and mentorship advice and experienced-based posts to help make your work life a bit easier. These five easy-to-implement qualities will make you a better public relations leader within your organization.

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