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Maintaining Healthy and Productive Work Habits -- Even When You Don’t Have The Energy

Here at Hourglass Media, we love feeling productive. We’re at our best when we’re juggling many projects on limited stress and an ultimate caffeine-filled beverage. What happens on those days when we just don’t have it, though? How can you establish healthy and productive work habits on a consistent basis -- no matter your mood? Here are five ways we use #behindthehourglass.

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Establishing Hygge Atmospheres At Home and Work

Everyone wants to find the Holy Grail of Happiness. It comes in the form of hygge, pronounced (hoo-ga), a Danish custom of relaxation. It focuses on sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. You want to focus on experiences at the present moment, rather than fixate on things in the past and future (unless you’re drumming up some nostalgia, which is incredibly hygge-like).

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