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Five Must-See Places in London

When my mom, my Ninny and I traveled to Paris in 2016, we proceeded the trip to France with an all-too-brief few-day stay in London before taking the chunnel to Paris. We loved it! London, I am coming back to you someday. Here are five of my favorite places in London-town.

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10 Ways to Fall In Love with Paris

The City of Light is my home away from home. Whether you’re traveling to Paris soon or are still in the planning stage, here are 10 ways I fell in love with Paris. And here are some tips on how you can experience your best version of Paris.

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My Five Favorite Local Summer Spots

Summer getaways don’t have to take you far. HEre are some of our intern LeAnna’s favorite local summer spots in West Virginia and Ohio! From roller coasters to outdoor fun, her list has it all!

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