My Five Favorite Local Summer Spots

⌛ By LeAnna Owens ⌛

Growing up in West Virginia has made me who I am. I grew up surrounded by loved ones and every summer was an adventure. Through the years I’ve developed a few favorite summer spots that are Wild, Wonderful, and sometimes both! 

Along with my favorite summer spots I‘ve included pictures of me at each place!

Waves of Fun: Hurricane, WV


Waves of Fun is in Valley Park in Hurricane, West Virginia. I’ve gone to Waves of Fun for many years. Unfortunately, the park has been closed for two summers because of renovations. Thank goodness, this year it will be reopened! This place has created memories which will last a lifetime. They’ve got three waterslides and a wave pool that are fun for the whole family! Learn more about Waves of Fun and other Putnam County attractions here.

King’s Island: Mason, OH


My family and I go to King’s Island almost every summer. As a kid, I remember my mom buying me thick-soled tennis shoes so I would be tall enough to ride all the rides. My favorite ride as a kid was the Drop Zone (now named the Drop Tower, I believe). One of my fondest memories is riding the Drop Zone with my cousins for the first time. We were all so excited to ride it and I knew right then that I was hooked. I fell in love with rollercoasters. I’ve always had a love for rollercoasters, but for those of you who may not, King’s Island also has a great water park! This picture is one of my favorite trips to King’s Island. 

New River Gorge, Fayetteville WV


West Virginia is known for its wild and wonderful landscape. I love going on trips to the New River Gorge in Fayetteville, West Virginia. There are many miles of trails for hiking with picturesque views of the river and waterfalls. The river allows for kayaking, paddle boarding, and white-water rafting! I got to experience the rapids for the first time last summer, and it was amazing! We floated down the river and swam. We had a blast and so many laughs; it was a memory I will not soon forget.

Camden Park, Huntington WV


Camden Park is located near Huntington, West Virginia. This amusement park is small and local but is definitely worth a visit! It’s a wholesome classic right down the road from the famous Austin’s Ice Cream in Ceredo-Kenova. They have a few roller coasters, both new and old! Don’t forget to ride the Big Dipper, a 60-year-old wooden roller coaster and Camden Park’s main attraction -- though my personal favorite is The Paratrooper! 


Old Man’s Cave, Logan OH

Old Man's Cave is a family favorite that we visit every year. We have a barbeque and hike all day on the trails. The cave is known for its beautiful waterfalls and scenic backgrounds. I love to be in nature and surrounded by family. No matter where I am, if I’m surrounded by family, I feel like I’m home.

These five favorite summer spots may not look like much but through the years they’ve allowed me to build an immeasurable number of memories and experience amazing joy. I am forever grateful and will always visit these beautiful places.

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LeAnna Owens is a Marshall University student debuting as Hourglass Omnimedia’s first intern. She lives in Milton, WV. 

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