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Mental Health Moments: The Birth of My Perfectionism

Every other Tuesday each month, we will focus on #MentalHealthMoments. We’ll explain what mental health means to us, ways to deal with certain types of anxieties and more. Keep in mind that what works for me and other contributors may not work for you. The wonderful thing about life is that we are all wonderfully unique. As a company, we are here to fight mental health stigma. As a person, I’m here to share my story to help others. As a “Recovering Perfectionist,” this is my story. So, in this introductory post, here’s the story I wrote to introduce the Birth of My Perfectionism.

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Five Ways to Better Cope With Anxiety

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all remedy for anxiety and other mental health issues. What works for me may not work for you and others. My one hope is that you can glean some sort of working ratio to balance your own life and anxiety. Here are five ways I have managed my anxiety over the last six months.

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The Positive Sides of My Anxiety

This May (and National Mental Health Awareness Month), I finally began telling my authentic story with anxiety and my love/hate relationship with it. All of who have a mental health disorder know the downsides to it. I’ve focused on the negative in order to know where my behaviors and belief systems were born inside my brain. Now, it’s time to acknowledge and celebrate the gifts my anxiety has given me in my almost 30 years on this earth.

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