#LoveNotes from Our Small Business to Yours From #behindthehourglass

By Kaylin R. Staten ⌛

It was past the witching hour at the end of March, and my fingers trembled as I typed the name of what would become my future. My black-and-white cat, Oreo (rest in peace, sweet baby) walked over 8.5x11 printouts of logo mockups and a business plan. Here I was, sitting my childhood bedroom, not quite as in transition as I was. I was creating my own business on this night, after all, amongst the burning Bath and Body Works candles and nighttime coffee, Hourglass Omnimedia was born. 

During the month of February, Hourglass Omnimedia posted #lovenotes about the business. See the gallery of images below to see some of our main loves. 

#behindthehourglass became more than just a side hustle — it became my reality. I won’t lie to you, dear reader and potential fellow business owner: owning a business is one of the most challenging journeys you could ever embark on. It’s full of sunny days and tame tides, but once the red skies show their morning warnings, the storms can be challenging to overcome. Despite all of that, there are three main reasons why I love having my own business. 

It’s versatile.

When I listened to Morra Aarons-Mele, author of Hiding in the Bathroom, on Girlboss Radio, she introduced a new term to my line of thinking: hermit entrepreneur. I can identify with that. Now, I’m not going all Obi-Wan Kenobi on Tatooine in terms of being a hermit, because although I am an introvert, I still crave and need human interaction. Public relations is built upon human and digital interaction. What I do love about my business is that I can work from anywhere. It used to drive me up a wall, and it still does on occasion, but I love being to work from home in my pajamas one day (especially on sick days) and then participating in a panel discussion the next day. As long as I have a Wifi connection, Adobe Creative Cloud and the creative side of my brain, I am good to go. I can also work when I watch my niece, which is pretty awesome. Long live the gypsy work life.

See video below. 

It’s a hybrid of my love of PR, writing, helping others and more.

When I graduated with my Bachelor of Arts in public relations in 2010, I could have never predicted the ebbs and flows of communications we are experiencing eight years later. That is what I love about the profession and my business — both are ever-changing, so becoming lost in your own rut doesn’t last long. There’s always something to learn or overcome. Writing is my main passion, and being able to have a business centered on the art of storytelling is my most favorite aspect. I work with some amazing people and for some worthwhile causes, and I tell their stories for a living. It’s a journey I always imagined down a path I never suspected would become my own. 

Successes AND failures are beneficial.

I have changed my contract more times than I can count because I am always learning a new guideline to implement in my business. Another moment of honesty: I only had one accounting and one economics class in college, and I have little formal business training. So, I learn from trial and error — and from others who have forged the way before me, whether it’s by taking a new course, talking with a business owner or conducting primary and/or secondary research. I have learned more from the missteps, in many ways, than the successes. I would line them up proudly on the wall right beside my awards in my niche shelves in my home office. For every misadventure, there was a dire lesson learned. I’m not afraid of a SWOT analysis or pros/cons list that will help to shape my business and career.

When you love your career and your business, even the rainy days can become your greatest strength. And I will always love mine.

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Kaylin R. Staten is an award-winning public relations practitioner and writer. She owns Hourglass Omnimedia, a consulting company based in Huntington, WV. 

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