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What The Hospital Merger Could Mean For Our Citizens

The Cabell Huntington Hospital and St. Mary’s Medical Center merger may have more of an effect on the city of Huntington and more specifically the citizens of Huntington than many of us may realize. Our intern LeAnna Owens gives us a rundown.

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#LoveNotes from Our Small Business to Yours From #behindthehourglass

During the month of February, Hourglass Omnimedia posted #lovenotes about the business. See the gallery of images and read this blog to see some of our main loves. Despite the ebbs and flows of the business, there are three main reasons why I love having my own business. Special appearance by our baby muse!

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A Lost Generation: The Affected Children of the Substance Abuse Disorder Epidemic of Huntington, WV

Huntington, West Virginia, has the highest rate of deaths due to substance abuse disorders in the United States, according to PBS. Though substance abuse has swept the nation, other cities have not been more affected than the city of Huntington. Our first-ever (!) intern talks about her experience with the epidemic.

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