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Mental Health Matters: Ways to Love Yourself

One of my primary goals in 2019 is to love myself. In today’s highlight reels on social media and my tendency to put on a brave face, I sometimes forget to really give myself actual love. I love for miles and miles when it comes to other people, causes, projects — essentially, anything that is not me.

I think this derives from my brand of anxiety. The second guessing, the negative inner dialogue, the perfectionism that wades through my life like a flash flood. All of this prevents me from seeing myself in the truest light. As individuals, all of us are worthy of self-love. Here are some ways you can love yourself more.

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Mental Health Moments: What Is Perfectionism?

What is perfectionism? I began to uncover the answer to that question with Australia’s Centre for Clinical Interventions’ “Perfectionism in Perspective” modules. This was one of the most helpful beginnings to my perfectionism journey. Not only did this resource fully define perfectionism in ways I could identify with, but these modules gave me more self-esteem and willpower to make the changes in my life.

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Change Your Life With A Self-Care Routine

I’m not just another millennial “obsessed” with self-care. If I didn’t practice it in some form, my perfectionistic brain would usurp every one of my senses and leave me in an overwhelmed, crumbled heap of anxiety in my bed. Self-care isn’t just another buzzword created by millennials to help us forge our place in this world and to add to our master list of resolutions. It's more.

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