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Mental Health Moments: How To Deal With Criticism When You Work From Home

I allow my work to speak for itself, so I do not report to anyone but my clients and colleagues on projects and services. Still, however, others’ notions that I’m just sitting at home watching Netflix all day puts a strain on my self-esteem, especially when it comes from left field from people. So, yes. I run a successful company out of my home, as crazy at it is sometimes (especially when you have to balance home and work lives simultaneously). How do I eliminate anxiety and boost my self-esteem when I work from home? Here are three sure ways to denounce criticism without blinking an eye and letting your work speak for itself when you work from home.

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Maintaining Healthy and Productive Work Habits -- Even When You Don’t Have The Energy

Here at Hourglass Media, we love feeling productive. We’re at our best when we’re juggling many projects on limited stress and an ultimate caffeine-filled beverage. What happens on those days when we just don’t have it, though? How can you establish healthy and productive work habits on a consistent basis -- no matter your mood? Here are five ways we use #behindthehourglass.

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Maintaining Productivity When You Work From Home

A growing number of Americans work from home. estimates that more than 3 percent of workers in the United States opt for at-home positions and self-employment, with that number only to increase within the next decade. The allure of flexible part-time, full-time and freelance work is all the rage, but what is it really like to work from home? Here are six ways to ensure that you maintain your highest levels of productivity while working from home.

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