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Maintaining Healthy and Productive Work Habits -- Even When You Don’t Have The Energy

Here at Hourglass Media, we love feeling productive. We’re at our best when we’re juggling many projects on limited stress and an ultimate caffeine-filled beverage. What happens on those days when we just don’t have it, though? How can you establish healthy and productive work habits on a consistent basis -- no matter your mood? Here are five ways we use #behindthehourglass.

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Mental Health Moments: How to Remedy Achievement Addiction

In America, we are praised for our achievements. If we aren’t achieving, then latency will envelop everything we have accomplished. Somehow, we think each achievement will wash away into the past, with nothing to show for it in the present and future. It doesn’t matter if we achieved something five minutes ago. Instead of relishing the moment, we look toward what we hope will occur. In essence, achievement addicts are never satisfied with a state of being. Here are three remedies that can ease the anxiety caused by achievement addiction.

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