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How Color Psychology Adds To Your Brand’s Image

Humans love colors, and often, the color of a product will make or break if someone buys it. When a company or individual pays attention to color psychology, that means they delve into primary and secondary research methods to see the impact color has inside and outside of its brand structure. Colors are an instrumental aspect of your brand’s personality. Just like with your tone and other consistent materials, colors are part of your brand’s story.

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Mental Health Moments: How To Deal With Criticism When You Work From Home

I allow my work to speak for itself, so I do not report to anyone but my clients and colleagues on projects and services. Still, however, others’ notions that I’m just sitting at home watching Netflix all day puts a strain on my self-esteem, especially when it comes from left field from people. So, yes. I run a successful company out of my home, as crazy at it is sometimes (especially when you have to balance home and work lives simultaneously). How do I eliminate anxiety and boost my self-esteem when I work from home? Here are three sure ways to denounce criticism without blinking an eye and letting your work speak for itself when you work from home.

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Five Behind-The-Scenes Items You Need For Your Company's Brand

A brand is the DNA of your personal image or company. Most of us have a “brand,” so to speak, but it involves more than just an Instagram grid, carefully crafted logo or one highly recognizable campaign. It’s your company’s public identity, but it’s also what happens behind the scenes -- all of those things no one except employees and other internal stakeholders have their hands on and see on a daily basis. While the below is not a comprehensive list, these five elements will help you live your brand every day and structure your goals and objectives accordingly. Here are five key branding elements we use here at Hourglass Media.

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