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My Favorite Hacks as A Small Business Owner

As a small business owner, I am constantly looking for ways to save time and money. So, bring on the freebies and insider tips of the communications business trade! So, here are five small business hacks that I use on a regular basis. 

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Why I Wanted To Start My Own Small Company

As many people know, I started my small business, Hourglass Media, in March 2015. At its inception, it existed only on my MacBook Pro, Nikon D5000, iPhone and a few odds and ends of backed-up files. I started this company while sitting on the floor of my childhood bedroom, with my cat, Oreo (my guardian angel cat now) stepping all over my newly established business license and IRS form printouts. I knew I had a company within me, so I started. Let me take you on a journey into my personal headspace and give you my reasons why I wanted to start my own company.

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