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Using Images to Tell An Compelling Story

Even as adults, our brains crave images, whether it’s scrolling through a social media feed or enjoying a coveted piece of art at a museum in a big city. Images make the world go ‘round, and as communicators, it’s our duty to provide beautiful imagery for our companies, clients and other key stakeholders. We owe it ourselves and our narratives to showcase goods and services in visual formats. Here are some best practices when using images in digital storytelling.

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Basic Photography Skills To Help You Tell A Story

Storytelling through photography has always been in my blood. Photography means, “writing with light,” and everyone knows I love the written word. Why not add a visual component? When I was a child, I would use my mom’s 35mm film point-and-shoot camera and my dad’s instant Polaroid camera to take photos of family members, still-life shots of my toys and, of course, clouds. The skills I learned in that first photography class in high school remain with me 15 years later. Here are some photography basics I learned.

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