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How Ethics Shape A Public Relations Pro's Career

September is Ethics Month, so our first blog of the month centers on ethics in public relations. If you’re a public relations practitioner -- or in any career field for that matter -- here’s to hoping you have yet to face an ethical dilemma in the workplace. It can be a challenge to read between the lines and see the gray areas outside of the ordinary black and white. That’s where the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)’s Code of Ethics comes in. We don’t have to spin our ethical wheels. Professional values and provisions are outlined for us as industry standards.

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Mental Health Moments: The Fear of Turning 30

Turning the Big 3-0 can be one of the most daunting milestones to face, especially when you’ve spent the majority of your 20s trying to avoid aging like the plague. You buy Olay face cream, take multivitamins and spend time, money and energy doing other proactive, preventive measures to develop your own Fountain of Youth. But, guess what? 30 still hits you like a ton of bricks -- or my preference, glitter.

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My Top 4 Children's Books To Help Prevent Summer Learning Loss

The National Summer Learning Association has a four-page PDF of recommended reading lists for newborns to children in 8th grade. In addition to this expansive and great list, I have some recommendations from my own childhood to share with you. Here are four of my favorite children's books.

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