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How to Write Your Own Children's Book

Plastic Cupcakes is a reflection of that time period but with a next-generation twist. It’s a counting book for Aunt-Niece duos (or trios, etc.) that showcases the fun and unique bond between an aunt and her niece. When my niece, Aubree, was born on August 2, 2017, I knew I wanted to commemorate her birth by writing her a story. Thus, Plastic Cupcakes was also born. If you’re interested in writing -- and perhaps even self-publishing -- your own children’s book, here are some tips to help you throughout the process.

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Five Ways to Create Your Own Pathways to Summer Fun

The Cabell County Family Resource Network and its partners recently released the Pathways to Summer Fun Guide. The online and paper guide give local resources to parents and others. Here are five of our favorite ideas to engage in some summer fun with your kids — or with a significant other, friend or yourself! 

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My Favorite Healthy Snacks That Are Great for Kids

I think the secret to feeding your kids healthy snacks is good old trickery 😉. Here are some of my favorite recipes to ensure your child gets a #GoodBeginning. Adults can also enjoy them, too! Here are three ideas to try with the kids in your life.

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