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Mental Health Moments: What is Reassurance Seeking?

Chances are, if you have anxiety or another mental health disorder, you’ll have some type of reassurance-seeking behavior. The intensity of the reassurance seeking will vary with each individual and situation. As with anything, it is on a spectrum. So, what is reassurance seeking?

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Mental Health Moments: What Are Unrelenting High Standards?

Your mind races, but at the same time, you can’t capture any one specific thought. Thoughts blast past all logic at record speeds, and you’re caught up in moments of your own personalized “What If” game. We may not be able to get rid of them completely, but these thoughts and unrelenting high standards can be managed.

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Creating Your Own Monthly Healthy Habits

At the beginning of June, I started adjusting my lifestyle after feeling like crap for too long. I had been working on my mental health, and physical health is interconnected. So, I wanted to take a more holistic approach rather than a Band-Aid fix. I decided to just start counting Weight Watchers points. I’d much rather count to 24 than count out calories by the ingredient. This is what I have learned so far during my journey to a healthier version of me.

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