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Holiday Recipe: Mexican Cornbread

The holiday season brings its own brand of nostalgia for me on a personal level, and each Christmas, I try to make at least one of my Granny’s recipes to fill our bellies and hearts with Granny’s love and memories. When I released From Granny’s Kitchen in 2016, my main goal was to keep Granny’s legacy alive through her recipes. That still holds true today and will in the future. This year, I’m making a couple of batches of her famed Mexican cornbread. Here’s the recipe, from my kitchen to yours.

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Create An Heirloom Cookbook to Honor a Loved One

Heirloom projects provide a sense of purpose, pride and comfort after the passing of a loved one. They come in the form of cookbooks, videos, photo projects and more that expand your skill set and showcase your expertise. 

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