Supporting Causes is the Hourglass Way

⌛ By Kaylin R. Staten 

If you’re a small business owner, you’re most likely in the trenches of daily business tasks, from sales to crafting messaging that will be seen, heard and acted upon by your client base. You may not have time to think about your own corporate social responsibility and how it fits into your business like your well-worn favorite pair of shoes.

Hourglass Media was formed underneath the umbrella of helping others, starting with its inaugural campaign, The Call WV. The Call WV was a resource hub composed of an app and website housing substance abuse and mental health treatment, recovery and prevention resources throughout the state of West Virginia. This project came to life when the overdose rates in Huntington, WV steadily increased in deadly numbers in 2014-15.

From the beginning, Hourglass Media has taken on projects that will benefit others in limitless ways, from establishing a good beginning for a child or ensuring the leaders of tomorrow have the insight and skill set they need to become successful in today’s world.

Under the leadership of our CEO Kaylin Staten, we support the following causes:

Female Empowerment

Hourglass Media is a female-owned business, so helping other women is at the cornerstone of what we do. We wake up wanting to make the world a better place for everyone, and we aspire to reach true equality in our workplace and in external environments. We love taking on female clients, helping with female-backed events and giving back to the next generation of girlbosses. In addition, we post quotes and words on social media that resonate with our female publics, from one-word affirmations to our favorite movie quotes. It’s one small step for humankind.


Education is a fundamental building block of life, but Hourglass Media takes it the next level with client work and projects. The next generation is always on our mind, and our CEO has a soft spot for the kiddos of the world, especially her niece, Aubree. She penned Plastic Cupcakes for all of the nieces and aunts of the world who have special relationships. Education from birth to post-college is a vital cause because education is everything. That’s why we support everything from early interactions with your baby to finding a career path. We love communications, especially the public relations field. That’s why we are dedicated to our work with the Public Relations Society of America and our local River Cities Chapter and regional East Central District Chapter. Education in public relations is our bread and butter.

Mental Health

It’s no secret that mental health is one of our premier causes. Every day, we aim to combat the stigma that people with mental health issues are “crazy” and other stereotypes. Our CEO and others involved with Hourglass Media are living proof that people with mental health issues can and will succeed. Through our Mental Health Moments series and supplemental social efforts, we fight the stigma one word at a time with pride and honesty. There is a reason Carrie Fisher is the General of our business’ heart. She was our favorite alter ego in a galaxy far, far away and also spoke candidly about mental illness.

We also donate time, resources and funds to local nonprofit organizations. For example, proceeds from From Granny’s Kitchen go toward Hospice of Huntington.

No cause is too great or small. Our bleeding heart lies within helping causes and creating change in our world.

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Kaylin R. Staten, APR is an award-winning public relations practitioner and writer. She owns Hourglass Media, a consulting company based in Huntington, WV. 

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