Creating An Inspiration Board to Remember Who You Are

By Kaylin R. Staten

Each January, I inundate myself with what I accomplished the previous year and what I still would like to do in the upcoming year. I notoriously compile my goals and objectives in master lists, most of which live on Google Drive, my journal and Post-It notes.

For the past two years, I have created my own inspiration/vision board. In the past, I would put all of the magazine clippings, brand tags, photographs, master list of goals and all other keepsakes in a folder or spread throughout my office. Last year, I craved clarity, so I placed my goals in categories and used items to create flaps that would reveal my set of goals per category. I know, I know. How perfectionistic of me.

I participated in one of Hilary Rushford’s live Elegant Elegance online workshop earlier in January. Hilary has an upbeat personality and effectively engages her followers and meets her business goals. The complementary workbook went through 2018 events, a mad lib exercise, 2019 goal setting, life reflection and celebration, paths on how to reach your goals and more. Needless to say, my introspection-loving heart nearly exploded. I learned so much and gained some confidence back that had been missing for a long time.

So, I decided to use my 2019 inspiration board to further build upon what I wrote about in the workbook. I came up with affirmations, roadblocks, my profit pie and dream team -- in addition to my multiple goals in specific time frames ranging from 6 months to three years.

If you’re interested in creating your own inspiration board, here are some tips to help you get started:

Apply it to your goals.

If you want to learn a new language, then add something pertaining to it on your board. Do you finally want to lose that extra 15 (or more) pounds you’ve been carrying around for years? Put it on your board. Your inspiration board is basically an open-ended glimpse into your mindset for the next year. Place your goals, objectives, words of affirmation, favorite quotes, photographs and more on it. Make it uniquely you, from the color scheme to what each goal represents. I organized mine using notecards and envelopes on a piece of presentation board.

Choose a word to showcase your essence.

I know, that probably sounds a little bewitching to say “essence.” What I really mean is to find a word that encompasses your mood for the entire year, one that fits with each goal and allows you to covet inspiration each time you hear it. You can choose to put the word on the board itself or use it as an overall theme. The word “reclamation” is my word for 2019 because it applies to each category of goals and what I hope to achieve this year.

Organize by category.

This is how I separate my inspiration board:

  • Health

  • Love

  • Writing

  • Hourglass Media

  • Public Relations/Career

  • Personal

You don’t have to be so structured, but keep in mind to put items on it that inspire you to act. Whether it’s your new favorite color swatch, a magazine article, a photograph of somewhere you want to travel, something you are saving to purchase, etc., make sure it’s relevant to you and your purpose for the year.

Present it in a unique layout and look at it often.

You could create your own digital inspiration board, using photos, quotes and other items you’ve copied and pasted from the Internet. Or you could make an old-school physical inspiration board. Each year, I choose to do something that fits my storyteller vibe, from open-up flaps to note cards in envelopes. Place it where you will see it often, and revise it as necessary. If it’s a digital file, keep it on your desktop and look at it whenever you want. Mine is on a bulletin board next to my desk in my Hourglass headquarters.

The most important aspect of all is… Have fun!

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Kaylin R. Staten, APR is an award-winning public relations practitioner and writer. She owns Hourglass Media, a consulting company based in Huntington, WV. 

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